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Claridge addresses nation

Posted in Claridge addresses nation by mike on October 22, 2009

For aficionados of asking ex-pros what they think about a subject everyone already has an opinion on (ie. football) the BBC’s “Ask Steve Claridge” feature is like some sort of idiot’s nirvana. Fans of Ask Steve will be beside themselves with delight to know that you can follow the feature on Twitter, where I came across this gem:

Should struggling Tranmere stick with under-fire boss John Barnes? Steve thinks so…10:33 AM Sep 24th from web

Good old Steve.

This week’s offering resides here.

As always, the text from the article is in bold, my own comments – less so.

I also give my views on Notts County, Aldershot, Watford and Nottingham Forest and explain why I won’t be applying for any vacant managerial jobs for the next few months.

Why would you, when it could mean the end of Ask Steve?

Hi Steve, what did you make of the sacking of Ian McParland by Notts County? I’m a lifelong fan of the Magpies and did not agree with the decision. Also, who do you think could be in line to succeed him?
Tom Walters, England

There are some similarities with the Southgate decision. County were four points off the top of the table when McParland was sacked – when did that become a sackable offence!?

Probably about the time the team got bought out by anonymous moneybags owners from distant shores who decide they’re going to turn Notts County into some sort of lower league Chelsea, just for the sheer hell of it.

There have been some big names linked with the job but these people aren’t going to know the level of football, or the players – what are they going to do, spend £50m to get them out of League Two? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Or not! They already have quite a good squad, it’s not unreasonable to think a big name manager with quite a good squad could achieve promotion, is it? Particularly when, as you point out, they’re four points off the top.

So their best bet is to go with people who have got teams out of that division or people who are doing well in that division – they need somebody who knows what it takes to get out of it. Someone like Mark Robins, before he left Rotherham for Barnsley, would have been perfect.

Oh yeah! That other bit of the question. We’ve already established a big name manager would find it too hard to get out of League Two with loads of money and a well-placed ready made squad. So what should the crieria be?

  1. Someone like Mark Robins, yet who is not actually Mark Robins

  2. “Somebody who knows what it takes it takes to get out of it”

Mark Robins, presented here as the ideal candidate, actually only meets one of those criteria (‘is like Mark Robins’), admittedly he does excel in that category but he’s still only finished 9th and 14th in League Two. Perhaps the next Notts County manager should be ‘like Mark Robins’ in the sense that he should be a white male with previous managerial experience? Unlucky, Hope Powell!


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  1. thensaturdaycomes said, on October 22, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    I was with you up until the Hope Powell support. If her brother Gary can’t keep Doherty off the smack the family isn’t worthy of managerial credibility.

    Although saying that I believe Keith Moon died under the supervision of Alan Curbishley’s brother and he’s a godd boss. In hindsight maybe siblings with rock and roll excess is the criteria needed for consistent managers, and pray that one day Powello will saunter into the Walkers. Her and Milan would make a right saucy couple.

    – M.Revs

  2. longballtactic said, on October 22, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    I didn’t know Hope Powell was Gary Powell’s sister until I Wikipedia’d her earlier today, imagine my excitement! Is there any chance Milan is one step ahead of you and mistakenly believes he has already made an approach for Hope Powell?

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