The Long Ball Tactic

That QPR 0-1 Scunthorpe Utd analysis in full

Posted in Uncategorized by mike on January 31, 2010

Manish Bhasin: These are horrible times at QPR aren’t they? After what’s gone on in the boardroom, a 5-0 drubbing at Forest in the week and another defeat today they need a lift and a lift quickly.

Steve Claridge: Yes. Um, it’s hard to feel sympathy isn’t it? Er, you know you reap what you sow and unfortunately if you’re gonna…if your club is gonna operate the way it’s operating…it doesn’t…it’s not a great ingredient for success, I’ve gotta say.

Forgive the whinge. I mean you could have added that Scunthorpe were everyone’s favourites to go down and now they’re 16th in the table and 7 points clear of relegation, undefeated in the League in 2010 and playing attractive passing football but, whatever, I’m not gonna go on about it.

Also, it should probably have been ‘recipe for success’.

Or, ‘ingredient for a success pie, seasoned with football’. Possibly.


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