The Long Ball Tactic

What it feels like to come clean about doping

Posted in Uncategorized by mike on January 30, 2012

“I realised that I was not going to be alright if I just keep avoiding it. I can’t go back and make it different. I can’t change facts. The facts are going to remain the same forever, so if I just deny that they exist I am not going to get through it. So then I had to face it and that was equally as turbulent – feelings of up and down and trying to figure out what the response was going to be. Or what was going to happen to me, I didn’t know. Some of the lawyers told me I was going to get arrested for perjury and put in prison; some of them said “just don’t do it because you will get sued.” I had to go through all that and weigh all these things that might happen to me and ultimately I came to the point where it didn’t matter what the risk was, I was going to pay the price for what I did regardless, and that was okay with me. I hope it’s not prison but if it is then at least when I get out of there, I can tell the truth and I’m going to feel better. And I will sleep better at night and won’t be worried about what I dream about or think about how things used to be because they are not going to be that way anymore, that’s it, it’s over.”

Floyd Landis