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Ched Evans and fans’ perspective

Posted in Uncategorized by mike on April 23, 2012

When Ched Evans was convicted of raping a young woman on Friday a whole new horrific chapter opened in the baffling extent people will go to to defend footballers.

It’s something I noticed last year when fans seemed to genuinely believe that people like Ryan Giggs should be allowed different protection by the law than the rest of us during his superinjunction case. Nevermind the fact Giggs was using his wealth and fame to abuse a blackmail law and preserve his commercial interests, this was all acceptable to some.

It happened again, pretty sickeningly, with Luis Suarez, when some Liverpool fans rushed to defend the Uruguayan after he racially abused Patrice Evra and now, it seems some fans are prepared to stoop so low as to practise victim-blaming in rape crimes or, in some cases, even celebrate the act of rape itself.

It should go without saying but, to be clear, there’s no excuse for rape. So many people seem to think the fact the girl was drunk means she should take some responsibility for being raped, the notion of that is incredible to me but there you go. Also, people seem to believe that because she seemingly consented to sex with Clayton McDonald then it was acceptable for Ched Evans to then rape her whilst another man filmed it. Again, to me, it should be pretty basic Human Decency 101 that this is not the case.

I suppose we already knew that there’ll always be the idiots, the unashamed misogynists that believe rape is funny, or have no concept of how consent works who would be appalled by the judge’s decision to send Evans to prison for five years.

What worries me is how people look at this case, not as a man raping a woman, but as a celebrity raping a non-celebrity. In some people’s minds this seems to look ‘dodgy’, one of Evans’s teammates on Twitter has already referred to the girl as a “money-grabbing little tramp”, as if she decided that getting raped was the best method of making some quick cash.

It’s in this context that people seek to justify or defend Evans’s actions. It amazes me that people are so blinded by their loyalty to a  footballer that plays for their team – or even just a footballer in general – that they completely lose all perspective and offer their support to a rapist or a man who referred to a black man as “negro”.

Even the reaction to Evans being included in the PFA League One team of the year has been baffling to me. Surely it should be a fairly open and shut case of saying that someone who has recently been sent to prison for rape shouldn’t be honoured in an end of season ceremony? You’d think so, but it’s truly remarkable the number of people who believe the fact he’s a good footballer should take precedent over this.

This culture of football being the central part of people’s lifes, around which all other issues orbit, is genuinely troubling to me. Important issues that have nothing to do with football such as the Hillsborough disaster are seen through this spectrum of being a football supporter, with all the prejudices and irrational rivalries that come with that, and the perspective gets so skewed it’s untrue.

I would have hoped that cases that involve death, rape and racism would force supporters to rise above the world of football fandom and look at these issues from the perspective of rational human being. It seems that expectation was too much.

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  1. Simon W said, on May 26, 2012 at 5:44 am

    To the author? It wasn’t “sickening” in the Luis Suarez case our support for Lil’ Luis; Suarez was convicted (& those who ‘convicted’ him? are self-important cowards with NO authority) of something on the word of a LIAR by a biased towards that LIAR’S club Football Association of something (Racism) that They (The FA) had & Have NO authority whatosever to even Speak of never mind Judge on – The truest test in this country of ours with its’ solid legal system is If such a case as the pathetic, engineered Joke that was the pack of LIES aimed at Suarez would stand up on it’s Own merits in a proper English Law Court with Real sanctions & issues at stake – A fair bit More than a few pathetic football matches no? Anyway the fact that Suarez has again recently spoken about the FA accepting the word of the LIAR Evra (with NO proof or evidence that he spoke the truth) & the FA have said not a flicker in response never Mind taken Luis to court for slander or defamation as you might expect If Luis was guilty as both FA & the LIAR Evra alleged & thus now slandering the FA with his words? Shows all you need to know on that one.

    That BTW? Taking the case to a LEGAL English Court that would consider the issue properly – A court which Does have the authority to look at & judge the Suarez situation under English Law – something that the craven fools & the spineless cowards at the FA do not & NEVER had Is something which remains open to Luis Suarez should he so choose to use it as a private UK citizen? In short – If he so wishes? Luis could Still take the FA to court & at least One particular newspaper to for damaging his reputation, slander, libel etc – A newspaper that IIRR? Despite the fact that FA’s Own joke of a verdict, numerous players in the game & even the LIAR Evra ended up admitting “Suarez is NO Racist”? Still thought it a Great idea to plaster a Huge RACIST headline across it’s backpage along with a picture of Luis. Well I think in this case? Luis would have a Very good case against both the FA & the paper in question & the fact that the FA have Not now taken action Legally against Luis now despite him effectively calling them LIARS (as they Are) for supporting the LIAR Evra? speaks volumes.

    The volumes this FA Silence speaks of are surrounding the fact that everyone Knows that If The so-called case of the LIAR Evra was Ever heard in LEGAL (not FA Kangaroo) court & tested by those rules? It would not just be cut to pieces within about 5 minutes by even a paralegal never mind a half-decent lawyer who would utterly Destroy it (since it has bigger holes in than the Titanic after the iceberg hit) but further? The lawyer/paralegal etc would probably end up with such a good case against those bringing Evra’s case that they would completely bury them again? Within minutes & would do so So effectively that They (the Evra camp) would most probably End up being charged for wasting the courts time &/or bringing False stories based on LIES (as Evra’s pathetic so-called ‘case’ WAS) to a LEGAL court when the ridiculous pathetic so-called ‘allegations’ against Luis? Had & Have NO basis in reality never Mind legal support within the law as they are not & never Were in any way true. To say the FA would thus be embarrassed & humiliated & what is left of their so-called ‘reputation’ destroyed should Any of this happen? Is thus an understatement & rather explains the abject cowardice shown by their pathetic little silence re’ Luis words for what it (& they) are now yes? That being silent because they’re ashamed & damn well Know they accepted the words of a LIAR & convicted Luis wrongfully & they know full well further that Were they Ever to test the so-called ‘case’ they brought for Evra in a REAL English court (that they shamefully avoided before)? To say they’d be put to the sword is putting it mildly………..

    In short? Evra’s case can & Would be if ever brought before a LEGAL UK court? Utterly destroyed within minutes since it was only Ever based on LIES & the FA know this ALL to well – Their silence now Luis has decided to publicly defend himself against their outrageous support for the LIAR Evra? Speaks volumes as does their reluctance before to let the case anywhere Near a legal UK Court & instead put it in front of their own pathetic, corrupt & not fit for purpose little so-called ‘sporting court’ & in the end? They all add up to what everyone Knows? This fiasco was engineered to damage Luis & his club Liverpool FC alone & it was engineered on the words of a Proven & well known LIAR who has done so yet again in order to MISuse the word ‘racism’ (which like ‘rape’ in the UK?) Outrageously changes the presumption of innocence to one of guilt for his own ends – That man’s Name? Patrice Evra………………

    And if you’re so certain I’m wrong &/or slandering Evra or have Proof he Did Not lie in this re’ Luis? I challenge anyone reading this to Prove Evra is Not a LIAR. Can’t can you? Thought not. I’d wait for you to prove otherwise but for now? Put it this way? I won’t hold my breath………………………

  2. longballtactic said, on May 26, 2012 at 9:14 am

    I think this kind of proves my point really

  3. Simon W said, on May 26, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Your point re’ Luis Suarez Being?

  4. longballtactic said, on May 26, 2012 at 8:47 pm

    wasn’t making a point about Suarez per se. The point of the post was that football fans are sometimes so blinded by club loyalty they’ll cook up all kinds of bullshit in order to defend the indefensible.

  5. Simon W said, on May 28, 2012 at 12:11 am

    What I said? Isn’t b*llsh*t though Look at the case & it’s CLEAR Luis & Patrice were treated differently by the FA – Luis was just Seen apparently as “an unreliable witness” in their Own ruddy words before the report was ever released & the procedural F*ckups Alone would have seen this thrown out on it’s rear in a REAL court within 5 minutes. Various things weren’t even LOOKED at from Evra – His Own racism towards the referee (“you’re only booking me as you’re white” I believe he said?) what of the filthy insults around Suarez being a “South American C**t” or Evra’s equivalent words & insults at Luis’ Sister All said in Spanish? Is That not racist to? And what of Evra threatening to Punch Luis? Threatening behaviour no? Funny none of That came about & both at Anfield & OT? I personally think Luis Should have done what Barton did on the last day of the Season All to Evra – Evra’s a poisoned dwarf & Luis Towers over him & would flatten him IF he lost his rag – To me? Luis should be praised for holding his temper under such awful provocation as That from the vile piece of carrion Evra as I think personally he should have just knocked him out & had done with it – I know under provocation like that I probably would……………

    Consider Luis can view the video evidence ONLY once – Patrice as often as he likes; Patrice can CHANGE his statement & Luis is taken as though that is It & it can Never be changed thereafter. Evra’s previous record (re Lying & admitting it at Chelsea in ’08 for one & that world cup fiasco) as a troublemaker clearly wasn’t taken into account but it’s pretty obvious Luis’ (world cup, Holland sendings off etc) was. Worst of all the FA effectively branded ALL Uruguay Racist by stating something along the lines of Luis wouldn’t understand what is said in English culture as he’s from one that doesn’t Learn our language or meanings for whatever reason & implied therefore that they Should – I mean a Whole Country being called ignorant effectively by them? No wonder the FA Are hated & the Uruguayan Embassy & FA utterly Slated them. They’re an embarrassment & this so-called ‘trial’ was a joke from start to finish & should the FA Ever be foolish enough to take it to court? Luis would hand their A*ses to them in a court of Law but we all know that? Will Never happen – The FA are nothing if not else utter cowards & always will be……………..

    I agree with you re’ football fans cooking stuff up in general but NONE of what I said was ‘cooked up’ there were genuine HOLES in the Joke the FA called their so-called ‘case’ against Luis Suarez & Massive ones at that. That they were neither looked at or even considered & that the FA are now cowering away from the prospect of Court Action to reaffirm Their own good name now Luis has effectively called them Biased Liars & slurred it? Tells you All you need to know – That action against Suarez was political & targetted from start to finish & couldn’t have Been more deliberate if they tried. It would be slaughtered in a court of Law & everyone knows it – The fact that the Gauntlet has now been thrown Down to the FA over it re’ a court of law & they are now Hiding away from taking Up that gauntlet? Speaks volumes for their cowardice & tells us All we ever need to know – The case was based on LIES from start to finish & everyone Knows it………………………

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